This beautiful season is marked by in-between, variable weather. Dressing for this is what we who live in the UK should be best at as mid- weather is what we have most of when you think about it…
I always suggest making every effort to conquer your wardrobe issues and make this climate work for you by assimilating this fact and creating a wardrobe that serves our gorgeous weather here in GB!

My top tips for Autumn are;

1. Remember it is often still sunny and hot and the weather can change from day to day- sometimes right up until Christmas. Manage your wardrobe properly so that you do not have to store away off season clothes. That way it’s all at your finger-tips!

2. Work out how to use your summer dresses when the weather gets a little bit cooler: ask yourself – can I add boots/scarf/cardigan/shirt/jacket/tights/jeans/hat/layers…….?

3. Weave the Autumnal trends into your wardrobe early on so it lasts longer. This season that might mean making sure you choose a tea dress, wrap dress or shift dress in a darker shade or print so you can wear it with tights!

4. Make sure you have a stylish mid-weather waterproof and footwear for the rain. Buy only items that suit your body type, colouring and style personality. With these staple items you need to put the effort in to get it right. Consider shopping exclusively for these pieces.

5. Make a point of buying dresses with long or 3/4 sleeves. These serve you well when it’s not quite cold enough for a coat or jumper but you can throw on a few added items – scarf, boots, tights – and transition effortlessly!

6. Look out for new fabric and jewellery trends – adding a bit of velvet and a twinkly star might be all you need to boost an existing outfit!