I am a self-confessed Christmas fanatic and I am unashamed at my collection of Christmas lights, which could give Harrods a run for their money! I have also developed a collection of Christmas clothes and accessories and more often than not I find my clients have a ‘Christmas’ dress in their wardrobe, which is terribly pleasing.

Christmas style is becoming more and more fashionable and it’s now important to get to Primark early to snap up literally The Best Christmas Jumpers around! Here are some of my Top Tips for the Christmas season – which I consider to be the entire month of December:

  • As above; get ye to Primark and buy a snazzy jumper – but make sure its one that suits you. If you’re very Dramatic choose the lit up, crazy, dancing, sombrero wearing cactus. If you are a more demure type, perhaps a simple Fair Ilse or Aaron will do the job, but proudly wear your chosen piece on any December day.
  • Don’t forget its not usually that cold in reality. We often plan Christmas day as a scarf and jumper, boots and thick sock wearing moment but most of us are inside mainly – and a lot of us are cooking !  Last year I bought a Christmas T shirt instead as that was all the warmth I needed.
  • Use (or buy with my help if you don’t have one!) your perfect Little Black Dress for the day itself and the myriad of other occasions that pop up! This is the one that is a semi-casual perfect fit dress- and then embellish and play with different shoes, boots, jewellery, hats and bags
  • Sew a tiny bell into normal clothes for Christmas day if you just cant bear to buy the jumper. Or into your children’s if that’s not for you!
  • Keep your red lippy to hand. If you need one give me a call – This can be the best Christmas embellishment. Find your perfect shade with my help and it will bring you instant Christmas joy!
  • This is the day/season for Sparkle ! its such a wonderful excuse for bringing back the glitter. There is always a way to add a bit of a twinkle or shimmer to your make up whatever your age so ask me for more details if this sounds like a bright idea. Make sure its in a colour that suits you.
  • Nail art is your friend at Christmas. Easy does it if you’re over 40 but there’s always a way to add seasonal impact! Try a glittery ring finger nail or a simple bright red for classy, grown up added joy. Of course you can always go full out and have stars stencilled on!
  • Consider wearing the gorgeous shoes lurking in your wardrobe on Christmas day to jazz it all up a bit and make you feel amazing:)
  • Scarves are your ideal outfit addition this season when the weather is a bit all over the place and you might want to feel cosy. The very readily available blanket scarf will serve you well over the top of a mid – lightweight jacket or blazer. I have seen some gorgeous ones in the shops.
  • Think outside the box for your gift buying and choose a voucher from me.   I can provide stylish, personalised vouchers, posted to your door… Its the ultimate gift!  See my Christmas gift packages on the Prices and Offers page – click on the link for details:  http://www.rachelgreenstylist.co.uk/offers-and-prices/

Enjoy the Season !!!