Colour is individual. Find yours!

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What do I need to know about Colour?

The use of colour is often misunderstood. It’s about illuminating people – NOT restricting them! Whilst I trained in traditional colour analysis, I think there is so much more to it and no longer live by the predictable old ‘rules.’

Knowing how colour works for your overall expression is the information you need: What should the bulk of your wardrobe be made up of? Does a blended head-to-toe coordination work best or a high contrasting perky vibe? What looks fab next to your face – and are there some that really don’t?! Do you just simply love to wear all black or maybe you just want to dive in to the whole rainbow?!!!

Once you understand your Image Identity Theme, the use of colour will truly become a delight. You will be able to utilise your buzz words to bring  you into contact with the most wonderful array of colours to light up your life. 

This is all included in my consultation as I believe it is the best input I can give. I am still happy to offer a traditional colour consultation process, providing testing with fabrics, visuals and applied make-up to demonstrate. If you are lost when it comes to having an insight into your skin tone then this could be helpful, especially when it comes to choosing make-up.