Colour is individual. Find yours.

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Why do I need a Colour Analysis?

Colour analysis is often misunderstood. It’s about illuminating people – NOT restricting them!

Colour underpins everyone’s image, whether it’s make up, clothes, hair or accessories. Even in the most neutral wardrobe, it is great to know what your best colours are and how best to wear them.

The analysis session follows a universally recognised system of colour measurement introduced by the artist Albert Munsell. In 1903 Munsell invented a system of colour identification based on the responses of the human eye. Today this is recognised universally as the language of colour.

In this system, colours were defined as having three characteristics. All three are referred to when describing a colour;

  1. The Depth.
  2. The Undertone
  3. The Clarity

The uses of this ‘language’ are innumerable, particularly in the building, printing and motor industries. The Munsell system is also used to codify all tints and dyes within the hairdressing industry.

So, for each client an analysis is made by looking closely at the person’s skin, hair and eyes to determine these three factors.

Asking questions regarding a client’s colouring over their life span is also an important part of the process.

A full colour analysis takes 1.5-2 hours and includes a make-up application.

During the session I make an initial decision about their colouring by observation, and by testing with coloured fabrics near the face. Once I have made a full assessment, I apply make-up designed to compliment their colouring and then we look together at the 42 colours in their palette.

I give notes on their ‘wow’ colours, as well as how to wear them. We discuss their best white, red, and denim, as well as how to wear black, gold and silver.

They are also able to purchase from me any of the make-up I have used during the session and a fabric swatch wallet including their 42 colours.