Here’s a few easy tips for Trick or Treating, parties or just getting into the spirit on a Thursday afternoon!


  1. Blood is always a winner. You can never have too much and there are two types – one is thicker and darker for ‘clotting’ and the other fresh and bright, so buy a couple of tubes and let loose! Dribble from the corners of your darkly lipsticked mouth (and your children’s) for a simple but effective Halloween moment.
  2. Easy make-up trick alert: Instead of using your usual blush, just use a brown eye shadow with a blush brush to define underneath your cheekbones for a lovely deathly glow!
  3. Black eyeliner is your best friend on this day and can be used to great effect for eyes, eyebrows, crease definition, moles and of course the spider eye…don’t forget the shadows!