January is the time for tidying up! Yay I hear you cry….Well, if you’re anything like me you will be strangely excited by this prospect. If you are a normal person however, you may not be jumping up and down.

Clearing out the old and setting a new pace is what it’s all about. I always find that my clients want a wardrobe that works better for them but somehow cant see how to get it there…

Here are my top tips for your January wardrobe:

  1. Put a date in your diary to carry out a wardrobe audit. Book me to do this with you and let me take it in hand. Be assured about the items you clear out and finish the time with a list of the items missing. Done correctly, this is therapeutic and satisfying and once you have established order and flow you can regularly edit your space. Try the methods of Marie Kondo and learn to truly give your clothes some quality time! Work through your items by category Not location. Even if you start by simply booking Monday evening to go through your tops, just make a start!


2.  Actually look at your set up. The space itself, the rail, the shelves, the boxes and drawers. The hangers, hooks and moth balls. Take stock. Update. Ask yourself ‘what do I need?’ and ‘how can I improve?’.

3. Consider giving any winter coats you are not wearing to a local homeless charity or  homeless person you might know of. This is surely a good way to start the New Year and I’m certain many of us have too many coats…. please note I include myself in this category!!

4. If you get far enough through your clear up – make sure you take the opportunity to Clean the space. Hoover/wipe down/freshen up!

5. Spend a bit of time outfitting with what you have. Get out a few key pieces – such as leather trousers, a plaid shirt or metallic boots and work out three different outfits with each key piece.  By the end you should have 9 outfits ready to go! lay the items on the bed and photograph them for future reference (because you know you will forget!).

6. Update your make up. In the same way as with your clothes, go through your items by category, assess the space in which the items are kept and clean it. Clean your brushes and throw away out of date make-up products. See me for a make-up update!

7. Decide on some wardrobe goals for the next month. Maybe you want to wear some different colours, experiment with hair up or just wear more dresses.

8. Book a facial. This time of year our skin takes a battering – Christmas food and alcohol, cold weather and layers of blush to create a healthy glow are all blocking and ravaging the skin so book in with an experienced skin therapist such as  Denise Jones at: www.theretreats.com

9. Take stock of your bags and shoes. The two key accessories for every outfit. Clean and polish where necessary and throw out anything that is tatty!

10. Remind yourself of the best things about you – what is your best feature? what do you like or admire in yourself?  Always start there and aim to enhance yourself.. Maybe your New Year plan could be to stay focused on the good bits – we all need to be reminded of that…..

Happy New Year!!!!