Style Consultation

During the consultation I spend 1.5 hours in person going through a process which I’ve designed to be the perfect starting place, so I can get to know the client and create a bespoke style profile.

The session includes:

  • Assessment of lifestyle needs.
  • Assessment of style personality, including visual therapy *
  • Assessment of body shape, make up, hair and shopping habits
  • Top three style needs
  • A peek into the wardrobe to assess current items

This profile is kept in my records and sent to the client for future reference. It becomes an invaluable tool which I update after any further sessions.


Often items are culled, even at this early stage and outfits created as we move through the session. Each person and experience is different even though I follow the same process. It is of huge value and is an inspiring and rewarding investment.

Following the session and most importantly, I spend a minimum of 1 hour pulling together all that we have achieved and send an email to the client. This includes; Personalised style guidelines, body shape notes, my notes from the session, shopping links to items and stores which will be suitable – especially in relation to your top 3 needs, and last but not least, a plan for moving forward and immediate action points. This process covers all areas of style including make-up and hair as the aim is to get a complete overview.

This is a great starting place and in some cases it’s all you need to get going – but most people want more…

Wardrobe work

Do you have a wardrobe full of clothes but nothing to wear?

Does your wardrobe serve you or send you into a panic?!

Typically, people only wear 30% of their wardrobe, so clearing out that questionable 70% is a wonderful feeling!! It leaves room for a more considered approach, which is hard to gain when you are in even a mild state of chaos.

This is a bespoke service according to the client’s needs, but usually I recommend 2 hours as a good starting place. It is rather a fun time and quite a treat; but it can also be hard work so 4 hours is a maximum for one session.

I take a systematic approach of going through every item in the wardrobe and assessing it. Each item is tried on in order to do this.

I then cull items and reorganise others, creating outfits as we go along. Space appears in the wardrobe as if by magic and I take notes of the ‘gaps’ that appear where key items are needed.

As usual I send notes in my follow up email and these will include a list of key missing items needed to pull together some of the looks discussed during the sessions, as well as links to a few pieces and ideal stores to look in.

As always I provide a clear plan of what the best next steps are for my client.

It’s about bringing cohesion, perspective and vision all at once!

The ultimate feel good factor is finishing the task of culling a wardrobe… because from there you can build…