What’s your style?

Not sure?

Let me help you find your way.

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During the consultation I spend time in person going through a process which I’ve designed to be the perfect starting place so I can get to know my client, create a bespoke style profile and style some outfits.

The session includes;

  • Assessment of lifestyle needs.
  • Assessment of Image Identity Theme.
  • Assessment of make up, hair and shopping habits.
  • Top three style needs addressed.
  • A peek into the wardrobe to assess current items.
  • Style up for one or two outfits with what we find!
  • Thorough follow up notes, shopping and style plan.
  • Feedback offered by Whats App and email.

Further in depth follow up work is done from my studio and a personalised style profile is kept in my records and sent to the client for reference. It becomes an invaluable tool which I update after any further sessions.

Need a fresh perspective?

Improve your look.

Find confidence in looking your best!

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Do you feel frumpy or out of fashion these days?

Is your old formula not working for you anymore?

Are you ‘waiting until… you lose weight/change jobs/move house/finish your family?

Or maybe you’ve just never quite felt like yourself in the clothes you buy?

Don’t wait any longer. Don’t be held back by uncertainty or trend-driven styling.

Together we will assess your Image Identity Theme and this will transform your thinking, vision and presentation of yourself to the world, as you find your most comfortable self. Working with both your physical characteristics and your innate personality essence, we will discover what makes you come alive!

This holistic process avoids traditional body typing and takes into account every detail of the individual, thereby establishing a system that will be of life-long value and will support the individual through any arena they may find themselves in.

It is a great starting place and in some cases it’s all you need to get going – but most people want more……….

What about your wardrobe?

Heaven or hell?

Let me help you get it sorted.

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Do you have a wardrobe full of clothes but nothing to wear?

Does your wardrobe serve you or send you into a panic?!

Typically, people only wear 30% of their wardrobe, so assessing that questionable 70% is a wonderful feeling!! It leaves room for a more considered approach, which is hard to gain when you are in even a mild state of chaos.

This is a bespoke service according to the client’s needs but usually I recommend 2 hours as a good starting place and 4 hours as a maximum for one session.

I take a systematic approach of going through every item in the wardrobe and assessing it and then re-organise and put aside items, creating outfits as we go along.

Space appears in the wardrobe as if by magic and I take notes of the ‘gaps’ that appear where key items are needed as well as providing tips on how to best store and arrange your clothes.

I spend further time providing notes in my follow-up email and these will include a list of key missing items needed to pull together some of the looks discussed during the sessions together, as well as links to a few pieces and ideal stores to look in.

As always, I provide a clear plan of what the best next steps are for my client.

It’s about bringing cohesion, perspective and vision all at once!

The ultimate feel good factor is finishing the task of editing a wardrobe… because from there you can build…

Happy with your Make up?

Smokey eye or Natural glow

You can enhance your image.

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This is something that is key to nearly everyone’s image and even the most bare-faced people sometimes need a bit of help on special occasions to know what will work for them.

I design a selection of daytime or evening looks for my clients, in keeping with their face shape, skin, lifestyle needs, style personality, trends and most importantly, their colouring.

I re-work the contents of their make- up bag to give clients a suitable kit for every occasion.

Advice on brushes, brands, key products and trends is essential, as well as having the right everyday items.

I can provide a make-up lesson, top tips for the individual or even buy and put together a complete kit.

I stock and sell make up products by Colour Me Beautiful which are designed with each person’s individual colouring in mind. These are an invaluable resource and extremely good quality products at a very reasonable price.

I offer individual seasonal updates for make-up via email – and for all my existing clients I can provide products posted out to them on request.

I take all the guesswork out of shopping for make up so you have confidence in what you are buying and in your finished look.

I can provide help for specialist cover make up for problems such as sun-damage, scars, tattoos and thread veins.

I can also refer for skin care- including micro surgery and permanent make up procedures.

Hair design

Hair is also extremely important!

Often the first thing people notice, it is sometimes over-looked and can be enhanced with the right vision.

We all look fabulous when we’ve just had a blow dry but I deal with the reality of each person’s hair type, their day to day life and budget as well as their style personality and face shape. I also provide special occasion styling as part of an overall look and creative ideas for variety!

I always aim for a complete image that takes the client’s needs into consideration. For some people it’s just finding the right brush and hair styling products, for others it might be a trip to a specialist. Whatever the needs, I aim to cater to each individual and enhance their overall appearance.

I will give advice on what is the best direction for style, including colour, cut, specific styling needs-such as hair-up and options for ‘dirty hair days’. I also provide details of the best kit for clients and help to negotiate the sometimes over-whelming product market, by suggesting items suited to them. I can also refer to other talented professionals for cut, colour and extensions.

Again, taking the whole person into account, this all helps people look younger, more healthy and presented as they truly wish to be!


Colour is crucial!

Do you know yours?

Let’s discover how to illuminate you.

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