Rachel has helped me greatly over the past few years to improve my personal style and sense of colour. In particular she chose and accessorised a beautiful outfit for my birthday party. She came round to my house to do my make up which was wonderful. I felt so confident and glamorous on the night that I really relaxed and enjoyed myself.

She also took my teenage daughter on a shopping trip and advised her on her correct colours and picked out outfits. It actually saved money as the items Rachel picked out were worn repeatedly!

Rachel works quickly and confidently putting together different looks. She is versatile and sensitive to the client’s requirements. She is able to tailor her choices for any budget. In addition to her talent and keen eye for what works Rachel has a warm personality which makes spending time with her an uplifting experience.



London , Age 50

Rachel, Thank you for your time and advice.

The consultation was very helpful – a sort of cathartic wake up call! I realised I can’t keep my life on hold because of the circumstances.

The colour and styling sessions were a very enjoyable experience and I learned a lot.

I really liked your ideas which have completely opened my mind for when I next go shopping.

I’m definitely going to try to be brave and add colour to my wardrobe.

Putting on my ‘nice’ trousers after wearing your slimmer choice was a shocker – I hadn’t realised I was doing a Simon Cowell all these years!! Anyway, after our session, it’s going to be SO MUCH easier to get rid of the old stuff in my cupboards.

Many thanks once again for your help. If I had your advice 20 years ago, I’d be a Grandad by now!


Surrey, Age 43

“I’ve had a fantastic experience working with Rachel to create an outfit for my anniversary party. She gave clear advice about what would work with my petite frame, but also took account of my taste so that I ended up with something that suited my personality and not just my figure.

I found Rachel to be not only enthusiastic, but endlessly patient and determined to ensure that I was 100% happy with the finished ‘look’. In my case, sourcing the right shoe was particularly difficult due to a small shoe size (size 2); when I was ready to throw in the towel, Rachel kept going. Second best was not an option for her and in the end we found an amazing pair of shoes!

Rachel took me through every aspect of my outfit from dress, to shoes and accessories and on the night I felt really comfortable and confident in what I was wearing. I would not hesitate to use Rachel again and to recommend her”.



London, Age 40

Rachel is truly gifted in helping people look and feel amazing.

Rachel has helped me become more confident choosing the right clothes for my body and the right colours for me. Rachel has also helped me with make-up ,choosing the right glasses and also the right bra! Going shopping is no longer a daunting experience with the knowledge Rachel has given me. I love shopping knowing what I am looking for and what suits me, having a stylist like Rachel can really change your life- I would recommend her to anyone.


Surrey, Age 35

I knew my wardrobe was a mess! Rachel very quickly identified what was right for me and I was delighted to take a large bagful of unsuitable clothes to the charity shop.

I am an older, short man but Rachel took me to an excellent local tailor who made me a smart jacket. Her help choosing the right cloth and style was invaluable. It was expensive but looked so good a maitre d’hotel recently remarked “great jacket”!The tailor is now making me a blazer and Rachel has been helping me get both jackets tweaked to be perfect.The jackets are great and can be worn for formal or casual occasions.

I thought I needed new jeans but didn’t have the confidence to choose. I noticed the change to narrower bottoms but Rachel explored and found some excellent models for me to try on. They were just the right thing and she also knew the place to get them expertly shortened. Once again people have been noticing them and asking if Rachel chose them!

She recently helped me get a lightweight summer hat (?) which looks great and is perfect in the sun. I’ve got rid of my ugly caps. She went through my shoes and we quickly discarded what was not needed – so now I’m fully suited and booted for the time being at least!

Rachel knows her stuff and we men don’t often like taking advice – but this is a MUST


Surrey, Age 74

Rachel gets me.  Rachel spent a few hours at my house, asking a few questions and by the time she left she had sifted through my wardrobe and given me ideas on what to put together.  Rachel quickly followed our session up with links to items for me to buy that were missing from my wardrobe, along with lots of other hints and tips.  Rachel’s easy, reassuring style left me excited for the first time in ages about my wardrobe, and buying clothes has become exciting and not a chore.  Can’t wait for my colour session!

Age 40

What a wonderful time with you gently but skillfully nudging me a little more in the direction toward ‘x marks the spot’ on the map!

Thank you for sharing the luminescence of your golden gift with me, for mine.

Great tips for trousers and shirts too. I love the suggestions.

It was interesting to feel my reaction to your leads about the quirky retailers/markets etc. I felt excited, but in a more controlled way.

A bit like ‘ mastering the passion’.

I love your ‘seeing’ and bringing my attention to avoid the trap of aligning myself too much to prescribed formulaic ‘looks’.

I’m glad I passed on the depth of information that I did  because of ‘How’ you saw It, processed it and then re presented it back to me. I had not seen it the way you had but loved the way you have done……full of healthy, self recognition.

Anyway…it was truly a wonderful experience and so much learnt from you Rachel and much to digest.

Thank you so much.


Age 51

Rachel knew exactly how to sort out my wardrobe, not only to maximise space and accessibility, but to also highlight key gaps in my wardrobe. The questionnaire beforehand was quick but led to a useful reflection on what clothes I actually wore and the type of clothes I needed and wanted to wear. Rachel never pushed me into making a rash decision, instead giving me clear options and insightful suggestions on outfit ideas and pieces to buy/ throw out. My wardrobe has never looked so tidy and most surprising of all, it’s maintainable! The wardrobe cull was followed by Rachel sending me links to all the pieces we had discussed that would fill any gaps in my wardrobe and work towards building my personal style. I can’t recommend it highly enough- everyone needs Rachel to sort through their wardrobe!


Age 18