Well that was a humdinger of a summer! Did anyone else find themselves a little unprepared for such an onslaught…?! Next year get ahead of the curve and book in with me for all your summer style needs.

Still, its over now and ‘Watching out for the weather’  is foremost in all our minds. Whilst I know many will find the grey skies and rainy weather a rather dull prospect, I am going to ask you for the next 3 minutes to trust in my inner, and very much alive, Tom Boy! This is the person that goes walking in the rain, wears no shoes, compares arm muscles, loves to sweat, can’t bear tights, loves a pillow fight and enjoys taking the rubbish to the tip.

She has really got something to share with you, whoever you are…

Below is a list of 10 tips for the rainy weather, but first and foremost remember that it is not the same style item for everyone. Each person will need a version of the item that works for them. A tiny detail can make all the difference. For me, for example, a ‘classic’ mac will never do, so I have a lovely black waterproof mac that is lightweight, sporty, hooded and stylish. This means it works with my dominantly casual wardrobe but still looks awesome. So lets start there..

1. A lightweight waterproof mac/coat. This item should be either in one of your best neutrals or in one of your most flattering colours (if you are a colourful sort). It needs to be the right length, fabric, structure and fastenings to work for you and your life style. Ask yourself, can I sit down in it? Can I wear the majority of my clothes with it? Do I get the right level of protection from rain and wind? This will serve you in ALL seasons, on the way to work, on the beach, in the park, whilst shopping, catching the train, running in from the car, when your hands are full (I’m thinking ice cream and coffee), pushing a buggy, on the school run, dashing to the gym.  It is THE NO.1 ESSENTIAL ITEM for all UK dwellers. Invest and get it right – with my help of course. Try Protected Species or Ilse Jacobsen for stylish macs.

2. Fresh jeans!! Ladies we are still depending heavily on our black skinnies and there is nothing wrong with that, but review them and make sure they aren’t looking shabby. Visit Ruby Blue in Sheen for specialist guidance and fitting or try the ultimate comfy, stretch of Molly’s from River Island.

3. Tights is a dirty word – but some people are ready for their nylons as soon as the first rain drops fall! If this is you but you’re looking for that little bit more comfort and quality, try Heist online for different waist fits, smooth contouring and fab service!

4. Long sleeved, lightweight tops. Essential for a little extra warmth and perfect under a lightweight coat or coatigan, when its raining but very cold. Uniqlo have a good selection of basic tops with a variety of sleeve lengths to suit everyone.

5. A new colour for nails and lips. A fresh approach to these details will connect your look to your Autumn vibe and make you feel less grumpy in the rain. Try a deep berry/brown lip and neutral nail.

6. Waterproof lightweight boots or wellies. These can be leather, rubber or Gortex if you like, but if you live in the UK you will need the right footwear. Check out Sorel for 100% waterproof but stylish everyday footwear.

7. A brolly or a hood. Which one is for you? I am not a friend of the brolly. Whilst some manage to a) remember theirs, and b) not blind every    passer-by, I am in team Hood. For me it the only way. It has to be well-fitted, comfortable and I must be able to see clearly – no hood hanging over eye-line nonsense! Others will much prefer the class and protection of the brolly, happy to provide a free hand to hold it and a bag big enough to store it in!

8. Outdoor PE kit. Hockey and cross country anyone? If you have gone into a state of shock at hearing those words and remember the days of gym knickers and freezing morning runs, then breathe out and know that there is no need to fear because there is now a vast array of amazing sportswear for us outdoorsy types and anyone pursuing outdoor fitness activities against their will. So update your PE kit according to the season. My favourite is H and M for it’s well priced simple designs in waterproof trousers and jackets every year. (Get in quick!) and Uni Qlo for long sleeved tops and bottoms with sun protection that can also be used for swimming.

9. Cosy, attractive duvet day clothes. For those weekends when going out just isn’t an option, add this very much overlooked essential to your wardrobe. And by the way, when I say ‘Add’ I don’t mean down-grade those hideous things which are stained, ripped, ill fitting and from the 70’s. Get some comfy, stylish, cosy lounge wear and then if you need to nip out for milk you can hold your head high 🙂 Try the White Company, Anthropologie or Oysho.com

9a.  Ah ha! not finished yet….for those of you with large busts, instead of scaring the neighbours by removing your bra in order to experience that sweet relief that only those in the club understand, buy yourself a lounging bra. It’s a wireless bra – sometimes called a sleep bra, and your will feel 100% better (and look as much too). Try The Sugar Candy Loungewear bra – it will change your life!!

10. Finally, a leather jacket and or lightweight blazer will be a very good friend to you when the weather is both mild but wet. Invest in these or buy a jazzy fashion version. Maybe this season its a checked blazer in greys and browns or a classic clean black leather jacket. Whatever you choose ensure it will be perfect for you with my support.

Contact me for planning your investment pieces and finding the items above, or any others, so that dressing for this weather will become water off a ducks back!

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