If you have never considered your beach  style or you are fed up with constantly fiddling with your bikini lest you lose a boob, check out these tips!

Think of your beach wear as a capsule wardrobe; a set of items that work seamlessly together. You don’t have to spend a fortune, but trust me, you’ll enjoy your summer holidays much more for being prepared & feeling good.  

This will ensure you aren’t wearing a costume that rides up or your partners old t shirt as a cover up!

It’s actually a wonderful opportunity to wear a whole host of items you would never usually get the chance to!

You can still look & feel entirely like yourself, whether that’s classy & elegant in a sarong and wide brimmed hat, or relaxed & boho in a paisley kaftan.

Its worth remembering that these clothes will also serve you well at home in the garden on those lovely hot summer days!


Swimsuit, bikini or both: Buy the best quality you can and visit a specialist store if you have any particular fit issues such as big boobs or a long body. Choose at least two. I suggest one black (or navy) and one patterned/colourful/gorgeous in your eyes! 

Cover up items: discover what works best for you. This is so important because the idea is to feel nice in this item when you stroll along the beach alone or play with your kids. Try: Kimonos, shirts, beach trousers & skirts, sarongs, short or long beach tunics, playsuits, oversized T shirts.

Footwear: I suggest choosing metallic or neutral footwear. Sparkly sandals, nice flip flops, jellies, slides, espadrilles & sports sandals are all good if in keeping with your overall style. If you need something super practical for nipping off to climb rocks or walk on a gravelly seabed then this item should be additional. 

Bags: First, think about what you will be carrying & secondly think about security. Don’t automatically buy a huge bag for everything as this can make for a very unpleasant experience! Try choosing a small bag/phone holder you can wear comfortably & also a larger pretty bag for extra bits only you want access to (keys, scarf, lip gloss, ear pods etc) Then a bag for all the gear could even be a back pack or trolley and doesn’t become part of your image!

Wet bag: Essential for anyone near water!

Jewellery & accessories: These little touches will make you feel great! Buy one or more low cost items and enjoy the moment. Sparkly bracelets, leather wraps, pendants, jangly, feathery earrings, head bands, hair ties, sunglasses & ankle chains. The world is your oyster here and you can just keep them on whilst in & out of the sea, without worry that they might get lost or grubby.

 Hats: This is one of my bug bears because I keep my head covered in the sun. Getting a hat that suits you ahead of time will mean you’re not caught in your holiday snaps wearing a cap or ill-fitting sombrero. Choose one that suits and goes with your other items. A cap is an essential extra to wear when laying down or in the sea, should you wish to keep your head covered.

 Layers: We’ve all been caught out by a stiff breeze on the beach front so be prepared! A shirt, thin jumper, cardigan or kimono is an essential item, especially if you frequent British beaches! I usually choose something bright and cheery & suggest getting something that makes you feel wonderful. 

Beach bar: Essential for nipping elsewhere for a quick coffee or cocktail, is the throw on clothing item. Something you can chuck on comfortably over your swim stuff. For me its a long or short dress, but it could be shorts & top, playsuit, kaftan or any comfortable item that is actually nice & makes you look and feel great! Check that you can sit down comfortably. 

Make-up: For the beach this is usually different to ones daily routine. Try gloss for your lips in pretty shades with sparkle, even if you don’t usually! Make sure you have a sunscreen with tint to reapply after you swim/sweat, so you can keep your skin looking great. Waterproof mascara is a must or before a long holiday dying your eyebrows & eyelashes takes away all the burden! Nails can also be exciting and colourful & as sparkly as you desire.