Colour is individual. Find yours!

THE BEAUTY OF OUR NATURAL COLOURNG is highly significant as it is part of our genetic make-up.

We should aim to enhance and prize this natural gift, and as part of doing so, strive to understand it. 

There are two elements which we will discover when assessing your natural colouring:


The undertone of your skin.

Whether you warm or cool.


The intensity of your colouring.

Whether you are contrasting or blended. 

The seasonal approach to colour is the ideal starting place as this is a general description of the type of colouring you possess. 

Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer palettes contain over two million shades each, so personalisation is essential!

Having your colours analysed is a valuable and worthwhile experience, and when carried out in the context of your total look, this information is truly brought to life! 

It has a bit of a reputation for being restrictive, and when not carried out with your whole Image in mind, this can be a problem. However, when approached holistically, the opposite is in fact true. 

This work is deeply satisfying and freeing; it will expand your options and enhance your natural beauty, giving you an array of wonderful colour options and a clear approach to how you should wear them.

After your session, I can create a personalised palette of fabric swatches in a small wallet, which you can purchase, or alternatively I can provide a Pinterest page. I use drapes as part of this session and will apply your make-up with the correct shades and technique so you can see your natural colouring shine! 

This experience is an absolute once in a life-time must-have for everyone. 

Image Coach London, Rachel Green

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