It’s an average day… coffee, work, kids, eat, exercise, Margaritas! Netflix

Let’s be honest, we can’t all dash about in cappuccino shades of cream and taupe, pairing a crop top with high waisted trousers, heeled boots and a white trench.

This isn’t my life (or body) and I doubt it is yours!

We need effortless, we need comfort but without looking like we’re from the cast of The Walking Dead.

We need Easy Chic.

A daily dose of feeling our Best Self, whilst living our Real Life.

Sometimes it can seem pointless, hard work or even overwhelming to simply get dressed, so here are my top 10 tips for finding your Easy Chic:

Knowing me? Knowing YOU! Such a big Q but an essential one. There are too many opinions around about what you can or should wear, so if you don’t know this, it will never be effortless! invest in understanding your vibe, discovering your best shapes and colours.

Familiar but Fresh. Build into your wardrobe items you actually wear – but enhanced! So, if you typically throw on jeans and a top every day, take another look at that combo. You might need to get some other trouser options, to keep your jeans fresh or update the style. The same with the tops -vary your choices, colours and styles.

Easy as 123.The third piece. Add a third item to a basic outfit for instant chic. Necklace/cross body bag/shirt/sunglasses/socks/heels/cardigan/jacket. The options are endless. I don’t mean your parka or your shoes, this item is the extra 1 thing that lifts your whole look😊

Perfect Plan. Look at your weekly schedule and make a plan. If Monday is, in honesty, school run and recovering from your hangover, then get yourself some nice lounge wear. Try quality sports leggings, two tops that are layering pieces and a classy waterproof jacket. When you take off your wellies and top layer, this can easily be made into a new outfit by slinging on a fresh top/coat and different shoes – and you will have an acceptable easy chic outfit! And even if you don’t, you will still be looking great in your classy run around gear.

Simple solutions. For Easy and Chic both elements of this statement have to be considered. Simple work wear will support you in finding your daily dressing easier. Try using a colour coded palette for your clothes and rotating three Third Pieces so you don’t have too many options. On days when you aren’t scuppered for time you can play a bit more, but always have a back up plan that prioritises the Easy.

Fresh feeling. Keep things youthful by looking at what’s ‘New in’ when you shop. This will give you a guide for the seasonal colours, trends and silhouettes. Filter these carefully for You. No need to be a fashion junkie, just give it a nod. You will look 10 years younger and instantly more chic.

Shiny shoes. If you are heavy on your feet like me, keep aside a ‘clean’ pair of shoes in whatever your go-to style is. This will give a more polished look to any outfit.

Magic make up! You do not have to be a make-up artist to get this right. Even a small amount of the right thing can make SO much difference – but its important you know what’s right for you and how to achieve itYour face will be a game changer when it comes to chic. No dry lips, patchy skin or shabby brows. Know what’s just  enough to clean up your look.

Harmonious Hair. Oh the crowning glory…Not. This is where options are essential. If your hair is unkept, you will not be presenting your best self to the world and I’m certain you wont feel good. Having the ability to deal with ‘bad’ hair days is a must. Work out how to tie hair back, sort out dodgy roots and look after your hair type for longer results.

Invest in yourself. See me for all of the above, either with a Zoom or face to face session or simply get my day to day support via What’s App with the ‘I don’t know what to wear’ feedback package! Together we will combat the questions, leave the Zombie behind and get your Chic on.