You’re in a changing room… (I know its painful, but try to stay with me)

You saw something on the peg you like the look of..(Oops no, that’s a lie, you saw something on someone else who looked Ah Maze Ing!)

But now it’s on you, you’re not sure 🤔

You stifle your inner voice which is shouting at you “Stop, listen to yourself!”  And instead…

You try looking in a different mirror in the hope that the item will appear more as you want it to. It doesn’t.

The other mirror is in fact not a magic mirror.

You look over at the woman next to you hoping for a telling glance?? She doesn’t give anything away.

You have no where to go with this…

The 20 something shop assistant offers her positive opinion and you feel a swell of hope. Finally you are justified… (She means well my friend, but she has a job to do!)

Finally you decide that something is surely better than nothing and how bad can it be?! (worst argument ever btw)

So you change and get out of there as quickly as possible! Whilst purchasing the item at the till, you continue to ignore the voice inside nudging you about the fact that this is not a good choice… ‘I mean, who doesn’t look good in a pleated midi skirt, right?!’

She comes home with you, hangs in your wardrobe and spends two lonely years next to that puffball skirt. Meanwhile you spend your time hiding from her because instead of being a wearable piece, she simply clogs up your space and reminds you of your wasted money and bad decision-making, and ultimately that even though you have a wardrobe full of clothes, You Still Have Nothing To Wear!!!!

If this is a familiar story, you are not alone.

Come and see me and let me help you break out of this cyclical nightmare! Understanding your Image Identity theme will help you find new levels of acceptance for your self exactly as you are, and importantly, you will find that choosing clothing, becomes effortless. A few buzz words to keep you on track in the heat of the moment will be all you need.

Invest in something that will never leave you drowning in the changing room or scared to open the wardrobe door!

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