Ok ladies, skinny jeans are truly making their way ‘out’ faster than a speeding bullet…

Life has been skinny for soooo long now, it can be hard to change & even more-so, to know what in god’s name to change to!!!

I have one sentence for you: There will be a perfect jean for you!


Here are my tips to get your started:

1. What fabric type suits you? Do you need a stiff, non-stretch style or is a lightweight, flexible denim best?

2. What rise do you need? High, mid or Low? one of these will be best for you. If you’re not sure, try one of each and take note of how each style feels. Don’t forget to sit down and move around when trying them out.

3. What style do you like? Casual/smart, Baggy/wide, Flared/tapered, Clean/ripped, Cropped/Long? There are so many options, so don’t restrict yourself.

4. Consider a visit to a specialist store, such as Sheen Uncovered, where the staff will help source the perfect pair for you!

5. Forget the most popular trends and concentrate on yourself, your body & what you’d like to try. Maybe skinnies will still be your go-to?

6. Always, always, always, always, did I mention, always try on jeans with shoes and a top. It is essential for knowing if they will be truly wearable.

7. Get rid of old, saggy, stretched out jeans. Especially blue skinnies. Keep jeans fresh.

8. Don’t panic buy the latest trends without considering all the steps above.

9. Try on style at home so you can play with shoes, tops and styling, and have time to walk around the house, sit down and test to make sue you’re happy & comfortable.

10. Here’s a list of styles to try:

Mom jeans;  high waisted, curve fit, tapered at the ankle.

Wide legged;  fitted at the hip, wide through the leg.

Slim; Slim fit throughout, straight at the ankle.

Skinny; very fitted and tight through the leg and ankle. 

Tapered; slim fit, with slim ankles.

Boyfriend; lower on the hips, baggier fit throughout.

Girlfriend; baggier overall with a mid-high rise and tapered ankle.

Dad jeans; Baggy, low hanging, wide leg fit.

Straight legged; slim fit through the hips with a straight leg all the way down to the ankle.

Flared; fitted through the hip and legs with a flare at the calf and ankle.

Cropped versions of all the above! 


Let me know if this is helpful and I hope you’ll find a fresh approach to shopping for jeans!