Honestly, is anyone else out there asking ‘Why?!

When you hear the words ‘mother of the bride’ , what images flood to mind?

Lace overlays, tailored cropped jackets, shrugs, lavender ensembles, peaches, florals, fascinators, and two-pieces paired with a classic court and flesh toned tights. Need I say more???

Where do these MOTB’s come from? Are they regular humans like you or I? Did they wake up one morning and cast aside their personalities in favour of boleros and a handkerchief hem? Perhaps they were beamed up to planet MOTB where they are assimilated into some sort of secret sect?

OR… perhaps the shops, magazines and bridal ‘specialists’ are royally failing them!!

These every day ladies are being sold a great big expensive lie about what to wear, who they are and how they should present themselves on this special day. Tradition, rules and a big occasion can cause us to lose sight of ourselves, and frankly most people are disastrously lost when it comes to styling for the MOTB.

I am 47, and whilst admittedly I am young to have a 26 year old daughter who just got engaged, my daughter and I have enjoyed hours of fun laughing at the thought of me in a stiff shift dress to the knee with a bolero and string of pearls. the very thought is beyond ridiculous given my usual state where jeans are my life, bare feet are my favourite and I swear my hair will always be long and loose! Age simply isn’t a factor here.

The MOTB ‘concept’ is out-dated, mediocre, stiff, false, ageist and inflexible. Even worse it diminishes the natural essence and beauty of a person.

Well, I am on the war path. Never has something been so close to my heart since the promoting of correct bra sizing!

I have devised a short check list for all you Mums…(I can not say MOTB again)… so before you darken the door of a bridal boutique and they convince you into an alien costume under the guise of being ‘classy’, please, I urge you –  read on…

1,Make an assessment of your most ‘comfortable’ look. It might be that you prefer trousers or that you feel yourself in bright colours or that you really feel best when you present a fairly laid-back vibe. Ask a trusted friend to chat it through. You might find it harder than you think to move away from restricted thinking, but there is always a way so be fully honest at the very beginning.

2. Search online and in store at your usual shops. Don’t think ‘bridal’, think ‘me’. 

3. Start with footwear. Footwear needs to be perfect on the day so decide what you want. Not the details, but the type. What works for you? Your outfit must work around this. For example; if you don’t usually wear heels, don’t automatically assume you must wear them or if you have a wide fit, do not compromise on comfort!

4. Plan for the temperature. If you are likely to be cold or a little chilly, don’t just think ‘oh I’ll throw on a jacket or a pair of tights’! This rarely works and will potentially ruin a good outfit. Conversely, if you are a hottie, like me (do you see what I did there?), consider the fabric you choose and ensure you are not encumbered and likely to overheat. It might be that should look for long sleeved dresses or velvet fabric to keep you warm, or perhaps you will need bare legs and a very open sandal to stay cool.

5. Lastly, don’t restrict your options! Keep an open mind as you think about your outfit. Think; boots/flats/platforms/kimono/leather jacket/jumpsuit/hair jewellery/LBD… etc etc etc

These five check points are at least a starting place –  but if you’re a little lost with the whole ordeal, then contact me for advice, consultation and support. I can ensure you will shine as you’re truly meant to!

Lastly, spread the word and lets flush out this heinous image for good! Us Mums are just people with kids after all  – and there is no need to model oneself on the Queen, a librarian or an air hostess to look spectacular on the big day.