Freshness & Folding

Tempted to get out your nylons and store away your maxi’s?? 

Stop right there, thank you very much! 

Try separating your summer holiday/heatwave & beachwear items, and for now, only pack those away.

Storing in categories is the best solution in the UK, as we can wear many items all year round, due to the mild weather, using summer items across the seasons.

 So for now, during September;






& Store these pieces using my tips below:


  1. After washing, air your items outside to clean & freshen them up before storing. 
  2. Consider using breathable bags for storing instead of plastic boxes. This is far better for the fabrics!
  3. Try cedar wood balls or scent sachets inside the storage box so your clothes are kept moth free and smelling good when they emerge the following Spring. May favourite is the Fresh Linen scent. It’s more subtle than lavender or rose. 


Sorting and storing clothes can seem like such a pain in the proverbial, but if you make it a ritual and give it some love and attention it will be satisfying, and help you to transition smoothly into the next season! 


Happy Autumn😊