This Springtime is all about yellow and pink.  Mmmm I hear you cry – sounds delicious like a Battenberg cake… but will it be delicious on you?!

Whether you’re in H and M or Chanel, buying clothes, shoes or make up supplies – knowing what colours are best on you is essential information.

Colour analysis is often mis-understood. It’s truly about illuminating people, not restricting them.

It’s asking ‘what’s the best we can do?’ and then learning how to wear colours to your advantage – weaving them into your outfits so you sparkle!

I’m not pushing a method of colour definition that tells you only to wear turquoise and purple and never to wear black. After all, who can live without their black skinnies? I know I can’t. This is about enlightenment, freedom and confidence.

For many people the crunch comes with time. As we age colours have a greater impact for better or for worse and you may find yourself drifting into a sea of grey…..don’t worry everyone can wear grey – phew I hear you sigh once more … but which one makes you look alive and which one leaves people questioning whether you spent the night in A and E?

A colour session is certainly a valuable investment and one of those bucket list things. Covering make up, hair colour, best denims, wearing black and white, best red, best neutrals, your wow colours and gold and silver – it is a thorough and deeply satisfying session.

No more indecision when you are rail-side, shopping mistakes, make-up you never wear or resorting to grey…. Be prepared, like the scouts but more stylish- book with me during before March and receive your first lipstick free of charge!

Don’t wait to invest in yourself.

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