” Nothing should ever supersede the importance of you as the central concept of your appearance”. David Kibbe

About Image Coach London

It is my great passion and privilege to work with amazing every day-women and encourage them as they learn to express their unique attractiveness to the world.

I have the energy for all the details that are so incredibly important, and for the interaction with each client that enables them to develop their own personal style. Cohesion, order and practicality, alongside inspiration and creativity, come together to form a system that encompasses the whole person so they can experiment and grow, both finding their comfort zone and pushing into new ground.

A comfortable, confident, stylish person emerges when they engage in the unique process of discovering your Image Identity Theme, based on the work of David Kibbe.

I am London and Surrey based and offer many years of experience. I have worked with hundreds of different people from all walks of life, bringing solid input and a fresh perspective to every client. I aim to give long-term support and inspiration to my clients with regular contact, and consider my involvement in this process a meaningful and valuable part of each client’s personal development.

I look forward to meeting you.

Rachel x

Image Services

Power Hour

One hour via Zoom in front of your wardrobe, to give you input, encouragement and inspiration! 

Option to add shopping. Contact me for details.

Price: £150

Image Identity Consultation

A Total Overhaul.

Together will assess your Image Identity theme via email and two face to face sessions. I send s
pecific, personalised, Image Identity notes, a shopping list & tips.

Feedback during the following month to support you in your journey.

Please contact me for further specific details of this package.

Price: £800




Colour Session

A personalised colour coding session.

Catering for you only, this session offers a thorough analysis of your colouring with regards to make-up, hair and clothing.

Price: £330

Pinterest Board

A personalised Pinterest board. Contact me for further details

Price:  £150

Stylist In My Pocket

4 one hour sessions with me during a pre booked time slot where you can get my input and feedback about anything.
Via Whats App or Voxer. This is typed chat, pictures and voice messages.

Price: £300 (time variations available, contact me for details)

Tailoring service

A trip to the tailor with me to adapt items or cretae bespoke pieces, have patterns made from favourite pieces.

Price: £100

Wardrobe Edit

Together we will go through the items in your wardrobe, put items aside and rework the space for a better day-to-day solution for you.

Price: £300

Event Style Up

The outfit and the rest!

I will source your outfit, with your input and guide you through the whole process from make-up to shoes, so that every detail is perfect, and you are 100% confident on the day.

Price: £660


Once you have had a session, I can be booked for shopping online according to your requirements.

Please contact me for further details

Price: £240

Please do get in touch if you would like something different rachel@rachelgreenstylist.co.uk, DM me @IMAGECOACH.LONDON, or message me on 07889366973.

Image Coach London, Rachel Green

Get in touch to find out how I can help you look and feel your best…

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Alternatively, send me a message or give me a call on 07889366973

Special Offer - 'Stylist In My Pocket'

'Stylist in my pocket' is my new feedback and coaching service. Carried out via WhatsApp, using picture, text and audio messages, you can have my full attention about any area of your image. Try on clothes, take me shopping, ask me what to keep or throw away etc. This is four, one hour sessions at £200. Offer available only for the first five bookings - 2 sold already! Don't delay, book your 'Stylist in my pocket' sessions today!

Contact me to find out more

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